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Sex-O-Rama (originally The Sex-O-Rama Band) February 1988, Venice CA. Left to Right: Sid Getzoff, Thomas “Fingers” Chelsea, Dick Long, Haywood Jablomi. Photo by Ben Dover © Ozone Layer Music (BMI).

In 1986, two Los Angeles studio musicians, under the assumed names of Haywood Jablomi and Thomas “Fingers” Chelsea met on the set of an adult film in the San Fernando Valley to discuss music for the movie. Both had been session musicians on the soundtracks of Adult Cinema for over a decade, but on that day they asked themselves why shouldn’t they form a band and bring the sounds of good, honest sex to the waiting public?

With Haywood on bass and “Fingers” on guitar, the band was joined by keyboardist Sid Getzoff and drummer Richard “Dick” Long. They called the first incarnation of their group “The Sex-O-Rama Band.” Soon they were joined by guitarist Oliver Klozoff and, eventually, a loose network of studio musicians who had all worked in Adult Cinema over the years.

Dick liked to boast that “since we were all there from the beginning, we are the Original Masters of Porn Funk.” Everyone knew Dick Long, though not always by his Nomme de Porn. He was there when Frank Zappa was recording porn soundtracks with the Mothers. Frank threw him out of the studio once for selling marijuana, but that didn’t stop him from drumming on some of the raunchiest films this side of West Covina.

“At first” says Haywood, “we were young and we were only in it for the money….well…the money and the sex….but mostly the money.”

For the next decade, the band booked gigs at swinger parties and conventions. “We’ve seen a lot of bacon over the years” says Sid, of the breakfast buffets on the road. “Sometimes you just have to look away from the audience and focus on the music.” They also played at strip clubs from San Bernardino to Fresno and as far south as Chula Vista. “We loved getting tips” quips Tom, “but we literally had to launder the money in detergent, otherwise, it would all stick together.”

“But our real love was making music for the movies” says Haywood. “When you watch two beautiful people smashing the nads, it’s like witnessing two athletes performing a dance. It just inspires great music.”

In the mid-1990s, their sound caught the attention of the Adult Music Division of Oglio Records. After months of negotiation, they had their first record deal. In 1996, they began to record their first album, simply titled “Sex-O-Rama.”

“We got Jenna (Jameson) to pose for that first album cover” Fingers reveals, “Jenna was into our whole ‘Debbie Does Dallas’ vibe. She is such a sweetheart! She came back for two more albums after that!”

That first album, cover versions of  music from classic 1970s pornos, disappeared suddenly in late 1997 after a copyright dispute. “I didn’t realize that I had signed away all the rights to my first badass bass solo” Haywood explained. The record label executives were not amused. “It took two pornstars, working together, to convince them to release another album” Tom says.

Hugh Jassol, the cigar-chomping head of Oglio Records’ Adult Music Division denies the story. “They were suckers, see, and they owed us a lot of money, so we got them to do another record really quick. I told ’em don’t come back without a hit!”

Soon after that, in 1998, they released Sex-O-Rama 2, an album of original porno music, which included the hit “Love Muscle.”

The album was a critical disaster. Soon the band found themselves doing what they do best, writing film scores for the Adult Entertainment Industry once again.

In 2003, Dick died suddenly, while snorting cocaine off a pornstar‘s…ummmm..attributes. The official report said he died of a heart attack, but we all know he died doing what he loved.

Months later, band was joined by drummer and longtime friend Ivan Ardon from San Diego, who got his start drumming for live sex shows in Tijuana.

In 2004, The Sex-O-Rama Band shortened their name to simply “Sex-O-Rama.”

“We started recording Sex-O-Rama 3 back in 2004. All the sex and drugs slowed down production,” Haywood says. “but if you want to do an album right, it’s gonna take extra time.” They finished recording in April of 2011.

During the recording sessions for their fourth album “Sex-O-Rama 4: Mother Funker” in 2022, Ivan contracted the plague. Not COVID, but the actual bubonic plague. During his recovery, the band was joined by drummer Bjørn Hørni, a student of Dick. Once Ivan returned, the band had two drummers. This gave them the opportunity to add latin hand percussion to many of the tracks.

Mother Funker is a series new recordings, mostly based on out-takes from their film work in the 1970s. While everyone in the band has remained active in the music world, this was their first re-union since the sessions for Sex-O-Rama 3: Ménage à Trois.

“Yes” says Haywood, “at first we were only in it for the money. But later we realized that this music can make two or more people come together, and that makes it the greatest music in the world and we were born to play it!”


Haywood Jablomi – Bass, Bass Synths, Vocals
Thomas “Fingers” Chelsea – Guitars
Oliver Klozoff – Additional Guitars
Sid Getzoff – Keyboards
Ivan Ardon – Drums and Percussion
Bjørn Hørni – Drums and Percussion


Woody Woodcock – Sexophone
Vic Spaulding – Sexophone
Andy Tung – Sexophone
Ben Dover – Horns, Flute
John Thomas – Tromboner

Sex-O-Rama June 2004, Los Angeles CA. Left to Right: Haywood Jablomi, Oliver Klozoff, Tom “Fingers” Chelsea, Ivan Ardon, and Sid Getzoff. Photo by Ben Dover © Ozone Layer Music (BMI).




© Ozone Layer Music (BMI)